What is scary maze game?

Playing games on the Internet is really fun it is a delightful activity among family members and friends. The tastes of players vary a lot. Some people prefer not too scary games but some others like to be scared, they like really scary video games which produce goose bumps on them. To strengthen the scary atmosphere these video games are accompanied by loud sound, scary images and other special effects.


Scary maze games are considered to be one of the best games on the Internet, with millions of online game fans. The scary maze game is a part of a scare pranks called screamers or jump scares.  The original “Scary Maze Game” was created by developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2003. Scary maze game can refer to the particular game itself as well as the popular prank, reaction videos, memes, sometimes called the scary maze prank. It can be used to scare members of the family or friends.

The scary maze game is also known all over the world as the’ Exorcist Maze’ due to the face seen in the game. That disturbing face belongs to Linda Blair from the movie ‘Exorcist’. The Maze game is a puzzle where players have to guide a little blue ball through the multi-level maze without touching any of its walls. If you make a mistake and touch the wall, you will have to play the game from the very beginning. You must clear the first four levels all together one after another without stopping.

When level one is cleared the game gets harder and the maze corridors get narrower. The aim of these strict rules is to make the player focus on the dot. This game demands intensive concentration. After the player completes one level, a scary picture suddenly pops on the screen, accompanied by a loud scream. It is important to remember that the Scary Maze is not for everyone. It is very scary and should not be played by small children or anyone with a heart condition or any other health problem that may be sensitive to sudden loud noises or scary situation.

Exorcist Scary Maze games have a lot of good effects on people’s daily life. They improve the eye-hand co-ordination and allow a person to gain certain essential abilities in life, the surprises and difficulties of the game help to improve the thinking ability and develop fast reaction in any situation.
The puzzle solving mode of the game increases the ability of creative thinking which means that the player improves his brain activity and it will be more mentally active. The games can also be helpful to overcome depression as well by getting involved into the game and lose connection with the real world. Many medical departments use these games as a form of physiotherapy. The games distract the patient’s mind so it is very helpful for a person who is sick or has injuries to avoid the pain and illness.

Despite all these obvious advantages Exorcist Scary Maze games have some drawbacks as well. Many people firmly believe that the harm of these games is huge. These games are also an open source of a powerful electromagnetic field.

Have fun playing all Red Ball games

The Red Ball game series is one of the most enjoyable adventure games you will find online. It became popular to both adults and kids. The cute little red ball and the colorful graphics had called the attention of many. And to add, the gameplay is just challenging enough, not boring and not too hard to move on.

In Red Ball 1, you will learn how to play the game and be familiar with the controls used. You will learn how to get through the obstacles and solve problems. However, as you level up, you will notice that things are getting a little complicated. There is a need to thinking harder first and try several times before you can go on.


Help the king Red Ball in the second installment. He had lost his crown when a strong wind blew while he was strolling. He was afraid his people will not recognize him as their king so he seeks for your help. In Red Ball 3, Red Ball had found the love of his love, Pink Ball. However, Black Ball saw them and thought it would be better to be him and Pink Ball. He knocked down Red Ball and kidnapped Pink Ball. Help Red Ball save Pink Ball at all cost.

Red Ball 4 came in three parts. Volume 1 showed a red ball was turned into a red square by a bad Black Square. Whether Black Ball and Black Square were one and the same or are two different creatures, you have to help Red Ball save all the captive red balls and stop Black Square from all his evil plans. In Volume 2, Red Ball continues in his adventure to save the imprisoned red balls and even the world from Black Square. Volume 3 is the finale of Red Ball 4. It is also known as Red Ball 6. Red Ball will enter the treacherous factory just to save all the captive red balls and stop Black Square once and for all.

In Red Ball 5, Red Ball has to get to the exit door of each level. He also has to collect all the stars and hidden objects before going in the exit door. Visit www.redball6.com to play all games for free.

Earn to Die 4 game

Have you played the Earn To Die game series? If you are a zombie fanatic and you like run-them-over games, this game will surely make you enjoy. You do not need to worry about zombies eating you or infecting you. You simply have to escape them by driving through them. If you visit the fan page, you can play all the games here for free.


In the first Earn to Die game, one when upgrade is missing. In Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel, the Super Wheel had been found. Now you can upgrade to the fullest and reach your goal earlier. Once again enjoy playing the original game with improvements and with complete upgrades. Challenge yourself to reach the safe haven at the least number of days. Your safe haven in this version is the helicopter from a not so distant place.

Like in the previous installments, there are three cars available in Earn To Die 4: the small hatchback, the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. These are the vehicles you will drive at a time to plow zombies and you will start off with the small hatchback. You should upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance the next day. Your score or the cash you will earn for the day is determined by the number of zombies you have killed and the distance you have reached. Use the cash you have earned in upgrading your vehicle.

However, the upgrades you make in your first vehicles are totally not compatible with the next vehicle. So once you changed vehicle, you will have to upgrade it once again. And each vehicle has a limited capacity even when fully upgraded; it can only reach a certain distance. Only the third vehicle can reach the place where the helicopter is.

Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel is another addicting adventure game you will surely love. You can visit their website to play the game for free. In fact, all the games here can be played for free. And all the games here will definitely entertain you.

Plimpi games for free

Are you fond of playing flash games? Are you that type of person who does not want to spend your cash on online games? Then you should checkout plimpi games. All games in this site are for free to play. You do not need to pay or donate any amount in order to access the games. You do not even need to register or login to any account before you can play. However, some games would advise you to register or login to your account to gain full access.


There are many sites that offer free games online. And Plimpi is one of those sites. You can access hundreds of games. If you have a specific game in mind, you can type the name of the game in the search bar. Or if you are just looking for a game to enjoy, you can either browse the site or first choose your preferred genre and look for an attractive one. There are action, adventure, shooting, girls, strategy, racing and puzzle games. Because of the hundreds of flash games available at plimpi, you can try any or all plimpi games. Play a puzzle game now, then play an adventure game for a change of game genre.

The main screen of Plimpi is also very friendly. At the top of the screen, you will find the roll down menu of game genres. Beside it is the gift box. When you choose it, it will automatically and randomly go to a game. At the extreme right of the menu, you will see the icons for the Private Policy, the Information about the creators of the game and the message icon. Beside these icons is the search bar.

And what more, more free flash games are added every day in the site. So do not forget to check from time to time what plimpi games to play. If you are maintaining a site too, you can link to the official site of Plimpi.


For Christmas 2016, they created a cool original theme:

plimpi christmas

play strike force 2

If you love shooting games, Strike Force Heroes 2 is the best recommended online game for you. You will surely love not only its great graphics but you will surely enjoy each and every level of the game. Your goal is to shoot all your enemies and leave no one breathing.

You can use the three game modes to play in Strike Force Heroes 2: the Challenges, Campaign, and Custom Game. You have fifteen missions to accomplish in Campaign Mode, the first being the Tutorial. You unlock one mission after the other and you can always return back to previous Missions. In each Mission, there are three difficulty levels, the Normal, Hard and Insane. Try to survive in those three difficulties. After accomplishing your mission, you can modify your soldier as to skill, appearance and killstreak.


There are five types of soldiers to select from: the General, the Engineer, the Juggernaut, the Mercenary and the Sniper. Each type has its own features and weapons. Your soldier must kill a certain number of enemies for you to advance. The more advanced your soldier is, the more classy his skills and weapons will be. Killing enemies will earn you cash too. You can spend your cash in the Shop. You can also buy weaponries and other tools in the shop. The shop can be found in the Soldiers Menu. There is also a Slot Machine which you can play in the Shop for a certain amount of cash. If you are luckier than lucky, you could win special weapons and Camos in the Slot Machine.

The Challenge Mode of Strike Force Heroes 2 is just like an advance stage of the Campaign Mode. Though, it is a lot harder than the Campaign Missions and has more actions and shootings. It also has fifteen Missions that can be played in three difficulty levels. Challenge yourself if you can survive all your Missions in all difficulty levels. In the Custom Game, you can select your game mode then modify the game depending on your choice. It is a multiplayer mode. At least two players can play the game. There are seven game modes to select from: One Man Army, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game and Team Gun Game.