Play with boxes in Mini Skears

In this game Mini Skears, you have to click on the designed and provided purple boxes. Make sure to avoid the boxes that have a red color, because clicking on them will lead you to lose the game. In the beginning, the game is easy, but as long as you go ahead playing it, you will see some hard and difficult levels including weird shaped and patterns.
You will need to make the purple boxes disappear and it is possible by using the mouse by hovering it on those boxes. Make sure to avoid hovering over the boxes that have a pink color. I saw some reviews about the game, but as far as I know, this game is not so popular among the players.

Entertain yourself: Coal Runner 2

Every game is designed to entertain the community as well as enjoyment. People find curiosity while playing games to reach the next level and reaching the final level is their destination. They forget everything and find different alternatives to get over the game. Now, we are presenting you such a wonderful game “Coal Runner 2”, which can snatch your whole attention.
Coal Runner 2 acts as a challenge for every one on a quest to destroy the Main Brain of the harsh mining tunnels. It is based on the coal mining and there are several mining tunnels of lava in which our mining bot has to survive. Your main motive behind this game is to protect it from draining into the lava and destroying the mining tunnel.
How to play: You can move the mining bot by using the arrow keys & pressing the left and right arrows simultaneously to float the bot temporarily in the air.