Endless tricks in BMX Tricks Game

Calling all the BMX lovers here! Try this new BMX Tricks Game where you can show off your tricks using your BMX! You can do your trciks using your keyboard to control your bike. Tap F repeatedly to pedal and A for break. Hit up and down arrows to turn and left and right to rotate in air. Hold spacebar to crouch and release to jump. And press D for tailwhip and S for superman. But remember you have a 120 seconds time limit to do all your tricks. Score points by doing your tricks and higher points for more complicated actions.
But even if you do not have an experience doing BMX tricks, you can still enjoy this game and try to make your own simple tricks. You will definitely love this game! Call your fiends now and practice all the tricks that you know.

BMX Tricks Game

Earn money in Duty Hill 2

Enjoy this 2nd version of Duty Hill series named Duty Hill 2, where the player will need to get ready for some shooting. The game is very awesome shooting game and the task of the players will be simple and easy. Nothing is needed but just killing the enemies as many as possible. Keep in mind that you can’t move through your area (district, country, region, etc) without having full care of yourself because your area is filled with your enemies and they are ready to kill you.
Attackers should be killed by you carefully, and you will find many items that they leave when they are being killed or they run, so collect them all. The money that you will earn depends on the number of killings. The more you kill they more items and cash you will get.

Duty Hill 2

Edit the levels in Awesome Tanks 3

Need to know about the game that can provide you more action and more thriller? Awesome Tanks 3, the 3rd part of Awesome Tanks series is here that has many action scenes and it’s filled with thrills. In this game Awesome Tanks 3, you will own a tank that will be used to fight against other several tanks belong to your enemies and don’t consider them lightly. The drivers of those tanks are trained and have heavy weapons. This game bring a lot of actions, exciting adventure and it is full of entertainment.
The game is improved with its new features as well as the functionality of the version is awesome like its name. If you need to edit the levels because you are not familiar with some of them, then you can edit them, according to your choice.

Awesome Tanks 3

Use your strategic skills in Kingdom Rush 3

If tower defense games are your jam, then Kingdom Rush 3 is your peanut butter and jelly. The third installment of the popular tower defense game series is once again here to tickle your mind and challenge your strategy skills. It is time to prove yourself to your king and prove to him that you are still the best war strategist in the whole kingdom. The new installment of the game provides you with more amazing and explosive weapons, making your gameplay more fun and exciting. To know more about the game and where to play it, check out their official site.

Add Kingdom Rush 3 to your daily tower defense games mix and be ready to have your mind blown. Jampacked with super amazing adventures, this game is a must play for everyone out there. Go to their official site now and be ready to play the game you’ve been waiting for.

Kingdom rush 3

Cortex Fortress to unborify your day!

Are you a fan of Plants vs Zombies? Do you like games where you get to use your strategic skills to defeat the bad guys? Well, if you said yes to both questions or at least one of them, then Cortex Fortress is definitely the game for you. In the game, your spaceship has been attacked by people and you have to crash land. Unfortunately, you landed on a “very special” field which seems to be owned by Don Morelos. You are now being attacked by his men and your goal is to defeat and eliminate all of them before they kill you. To do this, you can by super awesome weapons and skills and defenses to increase your chances of winning and make you invincible.

Cortex Fortress is a game jam packed with action and adventure that can satisfy you for days. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to occupy your time, then this is definitely the game for you.

Cortex Fortress