Mix and match in Jewel Match 3

Are you obsessed with gems and jewelries? Do you have prestigious ones? It is understandable that most of the gem and jewel enthusiasts are women. It serve as their accessory that add up to their femininity. But there are also men who collects gem as a hobby and a passion. Gems are very precious and it is not a surprise that every aspect of the entertainment world have been incorporating gems and jewels as their theme. For example, a flash game about gem and jewels is called Jewel Match 3. This game is very easy to play and girls and even boys will surely enjoy it. The objective of this game is very simple. The player should create or form similar gems or jewels and clear them out of the board.
The player should create the best possible outline to clear the board faster. There are over 100 levels that a player can enjoy but he or she has to unlock them. At the beginning, two levels are already unlocked for you to play and have a further progress. Jewel Match 3 is a very addicting and entertaining game.

Jewel Match 3

Save the town in Jewelanche 2

Are you familiar with Jewelanche 2? If not, this article will give readers an idea on what it is and how it works. This is a game about jewels or gems. It has an interesting storyline that will surely get the gamers or players hooked more. The old town is now a ghost one because its entire people were turned into gems or jewels by evil creatures and destroy the lively atmosphere in the town. The only way to bring back the people is the one who possesses the magical amulet, which has the powers of turning the gems back to its normal form that pertains to the community or the people. The game mechanics is very simple which is to act as the hero and solve the gem board by putting or forming 3 or more identical gems and clear them out of the board.
The cleared gems will be turned into the people. There are features in this game such as the Pandora’s Box, which can contain either a good luck or a bad luck to you. Jewelanche 2 is such a perfect game for people who loves the storyline like this one has. Search it online and play progressively.

jewlanche 2

Get to the finish line in Maze Game 5

Maze Game series is of the games, which gradually takes the attention of gamers around the world. This series is now on its fifth edition, which offers harder and much difficult maze and levels. The good thing about maze games is that they enable one to think, concentrate, and finish the game with achievements.
The player needs to guide the black dot in the maze and reach the finish point. Just like in the previous editions, you will have to move precisely to avoid touching the walls or else, you will have to restart the whole game. The maze comes in different shapes, letters, and sizes. The narrower it is, the harder to penetrate which must be critically survived. If one was able to survive and finish the game, there will be a surprise that will not delight you but scare you until you are almost crying. This game is absolutely not for the faint- hearted. If you play this game, you will experience FUNNNNN.

Scary Maze Game 4

Find a safe haven in Earn to DIe 2013!

It’s still your worst nightmare. Nothing’s changed in Earn to Die 2013 because zombies are still wreaking havoc and you’re still fighting for life. In Earn to Die 2013, the continuation of Earn to Die 2012, you are headed towards a military base where survivors like you must be safe. To do this, you must complete each level to help your character find safety and survive. To control your car, simply use the arrow keys. To activate booster to increase your speed, simply press the CTRL or X key. The higher the level you go, the more upgrades you can purchase so good luck and drive that car well. To get to know more about this game, browse around this website.
There’s nothing more fun that driving around the city and running over zombies. That is why you have to start playing Earn to Die 2013 now!

Earn to Die 2013