Explore The Rango World

Rango World is a game based on a movie. It is about the chameleon who is a sheriff of dirt. Kids will find it very fun, since they are able to walk through the world of their favorite movie. They can build a character of Rango, move through the town and meet the characters from the movie. It is very relaxing game and easy to play. You will have some quests, but mostly you will just decorate your house, dress your hero, visit friends and party. You will also have some mini games to play as a part of the game.
If you are not familiar with this game, there are some tutorials that will facilitate your play. As the game progresses and you collect some items, you will be able to afford more luxurious furniture. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you will enjoy playing this game.

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Survive the mayhem in Awesome Tanks 3

Are you familiar with a military tank? What do you think is the advantage of using such vehicle? A military tank is usually seen in wars and military drills as well as training. The advantage of a tank is its sturdiness which means it will not be broken that easily. This is either packed with high caliber military guns or cannon. Do you know that there is a game which the main characters are tanks only? Yes! It is called Awesome Tanks 3. This game is surely an action packed which most gamers worldwide will enjoy.
The objective of the game is that you, as the player, will control one of the tanks, specifically, the orange tank. You will be placed in a platform or maze where other tanks are located too. Your goal is to shoot all the tanks before they destroy yours. Be strategic and be quick to survive the mayhem and advance to the next level. The official website of this game is http://www.awesometanks3.com.


Have Safe and Proper driving in NY Cab Drive

It is nice to see that cars have been incorporated in different mediums or entertainment such as movies, television series and flash games. It is also interesting to know that there are different ways of how these cars are incorporated. In movies, a car is the usual mode of transportation and there is a movie where a car is animated and is talking.
In flash games, some set cars for racing and some set up cars for pure driving just like the game called NY Cab Drive. The player will act or play as a New York Cab Driver. His or her objective is to drive around the Big Apple. Deliver and drive the passengers from one place to another. Avoid obstacles and follow traffic rules at all times in order to get great scores. The good thing about this game is that one can simulate driving in a big and busy city. Search for NY Cab Driver online and have a safe drive.


Fancy Pants World 2: A Cheerful Relaxing Game

If you like platform games, Fancy Pants World 2 will provide you with even higher level of entertainment and more moves than the previous in the series. Your goal is to find a bunny that stole your ice-cream. The game is very funny and simple, and quite relaxing. It is very similar to Super Mario, but it’s a little bit more challenging. There are some new features to help you move through the platform easier and haunt that bunny. New features include jumping on the walls, ladders and also some signs along the road that will help you collect more bonus points and coins. At the beginning of the game you will have a quick tutorial that can be very useful for the new players. As far as the graphics, they have a colorful, cartoonish style that contributes to humorous atmosphere. There are a lot of bonus rooms and trophies available. You will definitely enjoy playing this game at www.fancypantsworld2.net/2014/05/20/fancy-pants-world-2 .