Addiction of Bomb it 5!!

Hey people, guess what?? Bomb It is back with a rocking new version with so many lovely features! Yes, it is Bomb it 5! The game is here to kill the enemies with bombs and many more powers. So make the highest score and play the game. For more info visit the link.
You have been stuck in a puzzling stage and many dangerous enemies are there. They will try to kill you through blasting bombs. Your task is to be tricky and kill them on time. As you gonna get several powers, try to implement those as much as possible. Escape from puzzling walls and blast bombs but stay away otherwise you gonna kill yourself as well!! Use the UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, LEFT and RIGHT ARROW button for the game. Space button is for blasting the bombs and other powers. The graphics and sound of this new version is awesome!

Bomb It 5

Explore Different Worlds In Space Punk Racer

The title of the game says everything! Space Punk Racer is a great, exciting game with a lot of speed and racing! Do you already know what this is all about? You will be racing against some very fast drivers, and you need to win that race! So are you ready for some adrenaline rush?
You will be driving through space! On your way you also have to collect some items and each of them will be placed in a different country. So you need to drive through the whole Universe to collect those items and finish your task! This is actually an assignment because you are a student of racing and this is you final test in order to get a license to race on all planets. You have just one day to complete this assignment. There will be 8 levels for you to complete and various surroundings to drive through. You will enjoy this challenge!


Trollface Quest 1: Find The Most Unusual Way

This is the first version in the great series of strategy games. If you like building your strategy and finding your own way of solving problems, you will enjoy playing Trollface Quest 1. The goal of the game is to solve a puzzle, but the solution isn’t an usual one. You will need to think of some strange way to solve a problem. The graphics are simple, but quite interesting and also unusual.
The game looks like a drawing and your hero is a drawn little stick figure. This can make you think that you will master the game easily, but it’s not like that. Some of the levels can be tricky, too. For example, at one level you will be leading a candy through a maze. You will need to get to the end of the maze not touching the walls. Congratulations message will appear, but the level won’t be finished yet. And you can check out why!

Trollface Quest 1 (1)