Float the balloons and not the rabbits in Fly Away Rabbit

Do you like fancy balloons and rabbits? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely love the treat that you will know after reading this article. But before that, let us tackle three main points why cute animals and toys are being incorporated in flash games. One is because they are cute as mentioned earlier. Second is because they are very relatable and easy to manipulate and control. Last is because it makes a great combination that gamers will surely like. An example of a game with this theme is the one called Fly Away Rabbit.


There are characters that you will see in this particular game are the balloons and a rabbit. The player’s goal is to let the balloon float away but not the rabbit. You can do this by removing the blocks hurdling the balloon one by one. It is up to your strategy on how to fly away the balloon but not the rabbit. It can be quite challenging but definitely fun as long as you strive to succeed in each level.

Return Man 5 running again

If you are a fan of football and like to play that game, then you would enjoy Return Man 5. This flash game is the fifth of its series and one of the supported games by ESPN. Its concept is based on American football. Once you got hold of the ball, your goal is to bring it to the other end without being caught by the defenders. You need to defend the ball from all attacks and do your best to reach your goal.
The game’s interface is simple and user-friendly. New users will understand the instructions which are given clearly. The update also gives additional fields. And when you complete a stage, a pop up window will show you your progress. You have to complete a stage before you can go to another stage. Return Man 5 is said to be the hardest among the series.


Save the townspeople in Jewelanche 2

Most of us wish to be a hero. However, most of us imagine them as the ones who are the main characters in movies and television series. Being a true hero does not need a cape, a magical weapon, or super powers. As long as you are doing something good, big or small, for the goodness of many people, that will be considered already as heroism.

Young minds are the foundation of tomorrow. That is why they should be well taken care of and given great guidance. They should be guided through many different ways. One example is through flash games. Most people thought that most games are just for mere entertainment, but to tell you the truth, there are games that leave lessons. A perfect example of these games is Jewelanche 2. The objective of this game is to save the townspeople who were turned into jewels. In order to do the objective, you have to draw lines to connect the gems of the same shape and color to remove them from the board. Be quick and precise in order to complete the game with high scores.