Some Serious Jumping Action in Fancy Pants Advenventures!

Are you the type of gamer that likes action packed flash games? If the answer to that is yes, then you should check out Fancy Pants game. Fancy Pants is an addicting platform game that gives you blood rushing action all throughout the game. This game involves jumping, and I mean a lot of serious jumping, to get you to the next level and so on until you reach the end of the game.

The character that you will play is a stick like figure of a man with of course a fancy pants and really cool hair to go with it. Navigate your character inside those doors and into the jumping scene by using the up arrow key to open the door, the left and right keys to move him to the left and right direction respectively. The down arrow key comes in handy when you need to roll under obstacles in the scene and of course the S key to jump. Sounds fun? Check out Fancy Pants now!


Collect coins in Duck Life 6

If you enjoyed Duck Life game series, here is the sixth installment you will surely love more than before. You play as one of the duck adventurers seeking for treasures in the cave of the volcano. Your goal is to collect as many coins as you can. Use these coins to buy pets, high tech devices, potions and coin magnets to help through the race. You can also use these coins to groom yourself or change your appearance.

Duck Life 6 (2)

One added feature in this sequel is that all accessories or clothes are not just decorations. Clothes and accessories now give boost to your duckling; the more expensive the item, the more boost it gives. Duck Life 6 is another exciting and addicting sequel. This game is also available both in the App Store and Google Play. Look in the game series’ official website here.

Roll the Hyper Sphere and destroy the virus in Hyper Sphere game

Hyper Sphere is an online action game available in all platforms like iOS, windows and android. The game is about the space station which has been hijacked by a virus and has turned all the defense systems against you. The only way to resolve this problem is to collect all the power crystals required to destroy the virus.


The game tests your skills how you balance the sphere on the ramp in a space station while moving the sphere around. You have to collect the crystals located at different ends of the ramp and have to pass through check points. But that’s not an easy job to do. Several defense systems like turret guns, plasma gun, droid, homing missile and spider mine will be there to stop you from doing so. A fully fledged 20 levels game with a pinch of difficulty makes it interesting and thrilling.

Save the dessert master in Papa Louie 4

A flash game series is a great creation of game producers because it gives players a long and entertaining set of related or connected games to remove boredom and dullness in one’s life. One great example is the series entitled Papa Louie. It has come up with its fourth edition in Papa Louie 4. This game is filled with sweetness and a little bit of bitterness, which you will find out along this article.


This is perfect for individuals who want sweets or desserts. To find out more details about Papa Louie 4, be the first to read this article. The scenario in this game is that Papa Louie owns a dessert shop where many people indulged. However, when Papa Louie is going to introduce his new dessert, people got curious why he has not shown up. The answer is because he is kidnapped. The customers must save Papa Louie and prevent the mutant desserts from spreading around the town.