Get the Baits Ready in Fishing Craze

Are you ready to have loads of fishy fun? Then check out the Fishy Craze game. This game by Big Fish Games is about, well, fishing! In this game of catching fish, you can choose different characters to play. You can travel the country and participate in different fishing tournaments. Don’t worry about the catch, a wide variety of fish is out for you to catch. Watch out for the electric eel though because you will surely get electrified.

Fishing Craze

The game has great graphics as what is expected from its developers which makes it very fun to play with. It gives you that almost the same fun and thrill as doing the activity physically but without getting your hands wet. So if you are a fishing enthusiast or simply would like to try it, then this game would be perfect for you. Get those baits ready and see if you have what it takes to be a master in this game.

Drive to Survive in earn to Die 2013

Driving, as they say nowadays, is a basic skill that every individual should learn for everyday use. Because of the popularity of driving, people had already developed several sports for individuals or teams to compete in, be it by land, air or water racing. Due to the fact that driving, particularly when racing, is a dangerous sport that requires money and several hours of practice, not all people can participate in such activities even if they want to. That is when car racing games enters.

It a very good alternative for those who wanted to do the said activities but does not have the resources to do so. One example of a car racing game is Earn to Die 2013. But with this game comes a twist. Here, you are not driving against other players, instead you are driving to survive the zombie apocalypse. Visit to learn more about the game.


Unlock The Secret Character In Shift 3!!

You will love this game! It so fun that you wouldn’t want stop playing it! And you have definitely never tried something like this before! This is actually a puzzle game where you are moving through a platform and collecting certain achievements. Your character is a little black guy and it is a celebrity secret character! There are 18 amazing levels that you will just love!

Shift 3 got its name based on screen shifting. Namely, you have to reach the door and enter it to move to the next level. But sometimes you will need to shift the screen, that is, to turn it upside down so you can reach the door. You will move your character and jump with your arrow and space key. So you see that game is quite unusual but very amusing. You never know what to expect at the next level. Why don’t you give it a try?

Shoot more enemies in Desert Rifle 3

The third installment of Desert Rifle is out here to bring another full action packed game. Desert Rifle 3 is a war in the desert; you are a front liner soldier. Your mission is to kill as many enemies as you can when they are attacking you. When they come, you can hide behind the wall for a short time then shoot the enemy.


Aside from guns, you can also use mines and grenades to kill the enemies. On the upper right of the screen, you will see how many enemies you should kill to level up. But as you level up, the enemies become more skilled and harder to defeat. They become faster and have better armor and equipment. There are four types of guns, the handgun, the sniper rifles, the shot gun and the automatic guns. Only the handgun has unlimited ammo.