Win the tournament in March Mania

If you like playing basketball games, you will undoubtedly love March Mania. It is a funny sports game where you will choose your own team, the color of your uniform and even your hairstyle. Your goal is to win in the real game, the tournament. Your team will do as what real basketball players do: dodge, pass, shoot and dunk. There are two choices at the beginning: Midnight Madness and Tourney.

March Mania

If it is your first time to play March Mania, choose Midnight Madness for the tutorial and to familiarize with the moves and control keys using your keyboard. And when you are ready, enter the tournament and win. Your opponent is good, so you should do well too. Only there are times the players are hard to control with the keyboard, and there is no other way to control them. March Mania is a funny and entertaining game. The players look comical.

Bubble Shooter 2: Fun and Challenging

Who wants to play with bubbles? For those whose hands are raised then dig this new version from the game Bubble Shooter – Bubble Shooter 2! This new version of the game is played the same as its previous version where you shoot bubbles of the same colors so that they will fall to the ground, but the number of levels that you can enjoy it is now up to more than 600.

Yes, you read it right, the game has over 600 amazing levels. With its improved animation and sound effects together with its fun and challenging gameplay, you are sure be hooked with Bubble Shooter 2 in no time. You can play the game on different online gaming sites or you can download it on your phone so you can enjoy playing it anytime you like and anywhere you want. Finish all levels with a smashing high score to earn bragging rights.

Bubble Shooter 2 (3)

Be the Best Tattooer in Tattoo Artist 3

Do you want to feel what is it like to be a tattoo artist? If you’re affirmative, then you should check out this fun game of tattoo making called Tattoo Artist 3. This game is the third installment of the game series. If you have played any of the two previous versions of this game, then you would probably know how to play the game. But for those who are not yet familiar with the game, the game requires you to be an incredible tattoo artist or also called a tattooer or a tattooist who will apply decorative permanent tattoos on different customers.

All the customers in the previous versions are also present in this this third version with the addition of some new ones. You will have a total of 20 customers that you need to put tattoos on so that would be equivalent to 60 level. Better prepare those steady hands and be the best tattoo artist in Tattoo Artist 3.

Tattoo Artist 3 (2)