Search for a safe territory or location with Earn To Die 5

There are two reasons that simply and shortly explain why Earn To Die flash game series is considered as one of the most entertaining and most exciting to play online. One is because it involves vehicles such as cars and trucks which are used for driving and transportation. Second is because of the target of smashing which are the zombies. But with the latest installment called Earn To Die 5, there will be a major change in characters. To find out that change, feel free to rely on the next paragraph now!


The new change in this edition is that the players will be dealing with enemy soldiers rather than zombies. The storyline is about a medic transport driver which will be played by the players who has the objective of reaching the hospital in one piece. But this is not ab easy task because there are enemies waiting for you to hurdle your way. The player must use the vehicle available to crash signs, to eliminate enemy tanks as well as enemy troops. There are three missions that you need to complete as well as three types of cars which you can use such as military medic VW Beetle, military medic van and the military medic jeep. Check this game online by searching for its main website which is

Survive the tests in The Idiot Test

A test or an exam is a process that will determine one’s ability and skill which he or she has acquired from education and training. There are two main reasons why an exam or a test is very essential. First is because it will determine if an individual is suitable and credible in the field that he or she is dealing with. Second is because it will assess if one has learned something from a lesson or training. There are different kinds of tests existing in the real world. Examples are bar exams, civil exams and military exams. But do you know that there is a flash game that presents a simple as it may seem test? Yes, there is! The name of the game is The Idiot Test.

The rule in this game is very simple. The player will have to answer or execute the questions or instructions properly or correctly. There are easy, difficult and clincher rounds. The reason why it is entitled as The Idiot Test is because the players who have failed it feel like they are idiot even if the tests are usually about common sense. If you want to assess your intelligence, you can freely play this game online.