Do as you are tasked in Golf Jam

Golf Jam is a fun and entertaining sports online game. This can be played by a beginner, an amateur or a professional men and women of all ages who really have passion in playing golf. Another good thing here is that, you need not pay a big amount of money only to play golf. First, you will choose one among the players and hit all your white ball targets and prove to be a Golf professional player.

You are being guided by the arrow and concentrate for your mind and hands combination while preparing for a perfect hit. This is a very friendly game to play, just a mouse click then another click to hit the ball until you make it to the hole. Start playing this game. It is more satisfying if you share to your friends this funny and exciting computer game.


Be a strong Temple Guardian

If you like playing defense games, you will surely enjoy Temple Guardian. Be the Temple Guardian in this strategy game. Your duty is to defend the sacred temple of Lightening and Fire. Do not let enemies get near the temple. If the enemies got near to enter the temple, the temple’s health will go down. The game will be over when the temple’s health reached down zero.

Temple Guardian

Earn gold to be able to build defenses and upgrade them. You earn gold when you kill enemies. Build guard towers and catapults around the temple to protect it from the enemies. You can also build defenses near the enemies’ way going to the temple. You can also build sacred defense towers when you earn miracle points which you can earn by killing certain kinds of enemies. But miracle points will reduce when the temple is being attacked.

Help Toffy Cat free the animals of Fairyland

Even if you are not a cat lover, you will surely have fun playing Toffy Cat. The aliens stole the cats’ favorite fridge. Not only that, they even turned all of the animals in Fairyland into vicious beasts. Your goal is to help the cat restore back everything into place. To free the animals from being a beast, jump on them. But take note that jumping is not enough for hedgehogs and plants.

Toffy Cat (3)

You have to collect boxing gloves to free animals by mere touching including hedgehogs and plants. Collect boots to jump higher and collect food and milk to earn score. Try to discover secrets too. And be mindful of the life indicator of the cat. Toffy Cat is a fun adventure game which even kids would enjoy. There are twelve levels to play on. And you need not think too much.

Toffy Cat (5)