Stand Alone in Crash n Smash Derby

Do you like car games? Crash n Smash Derby is an addicting racing game. You do not need to be a good driver at all. You do not need to worry about your speed either. Your main goal is to crash every car in the derby and be the last one standing. Once your car broke, the game is over.

There are power-ups that occasionally appear, try to collect them for your benefit. Some power-ups are double-sizing your car, shield, loot bag, and a lot more. After every level, you will be able to upgrade and repair your car using the cash you have earned. It would be better to repair your car first before upgrading. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your car. Crash n Smash Derby is a fun sports game. You can turn on the car radio and listen to a music of your choice.

Crash n Smash Derby (4)

Test your shooting ability in Gunman Shooter 2

Are you a good shooter? Then know how accurate you are in Gunman Shooter 2. It is a short game; there are only three levels to complete. There are a number of targets to kill in each level. You will shoot the stickmen; but you have to shoot them in the head. Your gun is initially loaded with six ammos; just press the spacebar to reload.


Gunman Shooter 2 is an action thrilling game that enhances your eye and hand coordination. You must be fast to aim the mouse pointer to your target and shot the head of the stickmen sticking out from the five boxes shown on the screen. Every shot you make is being counted. After completing all three levels, you will see a summary of the total number of shots you made and the number of kills you had.