Have a fit body in Trollface Quest 6

Trollface Quest games are fun point-and-click adventure games. You will be required to solve mini puzzles cleverly. Not to worry, these puzzles would not stress you out. After gaining popularity, the troll is back in the sixth installment of the game series, Trollface Quest 6 Sports. The story began when a boy suddenly kicked the door of the troll’s face while the troll was eating pizza.

trollfaced sports

Then, the boy took the troll’s pizza by force and even kicked the troll. In is dire desire to take his revenge, the troll took his exercises seriously to be in a fit body and be able to kick back the boy who had stolen his pizza. There are ten levels in this quest which needs some witty thinking. Try to solve each level with the minimal clicks possible. You can visit www.trollfacequest6.net to know more and play the game for free.

Eliminate the enemies in Kingdom Rush 1

If there is one great era that has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums, it will be the Medieval Period. There are three reasons why this era is a great theme in different entertainment mediums. One factor is because this era is so classic and calm where life seems to be simple but happy. Second factor is because this is the time where Kings and Queens are prominently ruling the kingdoms. Third factor is because the vibes and environment of this period is very relaxing and at the same time, entertaining.

There is no surprise that even in flash games, this era is being incorporated. In fact, there is one good example of a game that applies this theme and it is called Kingdom Rush 1. This is a game where magic and Kingdom exists. You are the one who needs to lead the defense troops of your kingdom and will have to utilize certain magical powers in order to stop the invasion of evil enemies. This is a matter of strategy and tactics on how to defend the Kingdom from evil magic. This inaugural edition will start the story and level of game play that will progress in the whole series.

Kingdom rush 1 (2)

Be good at controlling and gliding your board in Skateboard City 2

Skateboard City 2 is the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 2 on it. This game series is created and developed by A10. This is a game about skateboarding as you can easily determine just by looking at its title. Skateboarding is one of the booming activities that teenagers are trying to engage with because of the fact that it is fun and thrilling. But this is a dangerous stuff to do if you are untrained or not familiar with the process of skateboarding.

It is better to play this kind of flash game rather than dealing with the real one if you are afraid or not prepared. Your goal or objective in this sequel is to skateboard your way to the championship. You must first choose your skater and board and do some stunts that are required in each level of this game. Make sure that you are good at controlling and skating your board to succeed.

Skateboard City 2 (4)