Fight crime as hogs or cops In Hambo 2

Hambo is back but this time, he will not be killing cops. This time he and his sidekick are now the ones punishing the mobsters in Hambo 2. Help top hogs, I mean cops, Hambo and Bacon to fight against the gang boss Pig Capone. Use different weapons and utilize the things around to eliminate the bad guys. Get ready for some action-packed, crime fighting adventure.

Hambo 2 (3)

You play as Hambo, the character is not movable, you can just slide on slopes or be pushed by a crate due to an explosion. Unfortunately your sidekick will not be much of a help because he is always taken as a hostage by the enemies, and yes you have to save him in some stages of the game. You can have as much as 9 weapons in a mission, use numbers 1 to 9 to pick on the weapon you want to use. You use the mouse to aim on where you want to fire and click. For items that can be thrown, hold the right button, and release on the right amount of power you want the weapon to be released. Eliminate all the enemies on every stage to proceed to the next level. You also have a limited amount of ammunition per weapon, if you ran out of weapons to fire or throw and there are still enemies then the level is considered fail. Same goes for being hit by a bullet ricochet or throwing a grenade just under your feet. Stages will become tougher and tougher and you need to think outside of the box to eliminate all enemies. There are lots of objects in Hambo 2 that can be used against the enemy, but be careful not to use them against yourself.

After finishing all levels of Hambo 2, you can also try out some of the player-made stages on the User Levels menu. There are 2 lists there, the first one is for the best levels, and the other one is for the newest ones. If you don’t feel like playing others level, then you can create your own in the Editor menu and let your friends and other people try it out. You can play the game on