Search for the scattered furry animals in Where are my Bunnies

Do you love bunnies? If you do, then you will be very glad to be reading this content because of the fact that it features an entertaining flash game about them. The name of the game is Where are my Bunnies. Obviously, this game is all about bunnies or rabbits. This is created by and has been serving great entertainment for quite some time already. The story in this game is that the farmer who owns many bunnies lost them all in an unprecedented situation.


Your goal is to help the farmer bring back the bunnies which are scattered in the woods and other places near the farm. Your objective is to catch them one by one. There will be helpful stuffs that can be found on the environment that will speed up your search. For example, there will be stuffs that the bunnies truly love and you can use them as bait to bring them back in the farm. You just have to determine on which one is the most effective to gather the bunnies back to where they belong.