Vex 4 Game


If you are a fan of online flash games and also like thrilling games you have definitely heard of Vex Games. And if you haven’t, you can start playing it now starting from Vex to Vex2 3 and Vex 4. Vex 4 is the latest release of the game, and you can play it straight away which includes all the features of previous series and also many more.

In this game you have to be the famous sticky man. Though his name is sticky, he can run fast, swim taking a longer breath and like price of Persia, jump in between walls.  Surprisingly, all of these abilities can be controlled easily mastering only the direct keys like arrows or WASD.

The game has multiple levels, in which there are difference checkpoints. As you go through each level, you will find different traps and obstacles, and eventually they will be faster and difficult to avoid in higher level. In this journey, you have to unlock different achievements and go to the top level with the maximum difficulty.


If you are wondering how much this game will cost, well it is totally free. You can play it online from your browser, even log in is not necessary. You can also challenge your friends and colleagues and see who is the best gamer. This will definitely bring something different in your busy schedule and give you some fun times.

So, start the journey in the online adventure games, being the Sticky man of Vex 4 game. Run, jump and swim to get pass all the obstacles and find the thrill to make the time enjoyable.