duck life 5 free online game

Are you looking for an enjoyable adventure game? Do you like racing games? Invest your free time in playing the Duck Life game series. Train and prepare your duckling for the prestigious duck race.

The story began when a farm, your farm, was destroyed by a strong tornado. The only survivor was a duck egg. When the egg hatched, you thought of training the duckling so it can join duck races for the purpose of using the winnings if ever in rebuilding and re-establishing your farm. You need to train it in the skills of running, swimming and flying before it can join tournaments. And do not forget, it needs to eat as much as you can feed it for energy level up. Buy seeds using the cash you have earned in training and in racing.

In Duck Life 2, after winning in the tournaments, you just cannot get enough. This time, you even trained your duckling in climbing skill in addition to running, flying and swimming. And still let it eat as much as you can feed it. In Duck Life 3, you managed to genetically modify your duck eggs, probably by letting the ducks eat as much as you can feed them with special seeds. However, these genetically modified ducklings were banned to join the race in Duck Life 4 and you were back in the traditional way of training your ducklings.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt did away from these trainings and tournaments. Your duckling has a new kind of adventure, hunting treasures. This time, you are tasked to hunt for the hidden treasures deep inside the dormant volcano’s cave. It was said that after the fire duck had been defeated, the volcano became dormant and rumors have it there are mysterious treasures buried deep within it.


Duck Life 5 differs a lot from its predecessors. Aside from having no racing tournaments and no need of training your duckling, there are now six game shops where you can buy tools, accessories and pets! These shops are the Pet Shop where you can acquire pets which will greatly help you in your adventure; the Witch Ducktor Store, the Mechanic Shop, the JetPack Shop, the Hair Dresser Store and Clothing Store.