play strike force 2

If you love shooting games, Strike Force Heroes 2 is the best recommended online game for you. You will surely love not only its great graphics but you will surely enjoy each and every level of the game. Your goal is to shoot all your enemies and leave no one breathing.

You can use the three game modes to play in Strike Force Heroes 2: the Challenges, Campaign, and Custom Game. You have fifteen missions to accomplish in Campaign Mode, the first being the Tutorial. You unlock one mission after the other and you can always return back to previous Missions. In each Mission, there are three difficulty levels, the Normal, Hard and Insane. Try to survive in those three difficulties. After accomplishing your mission, you can modify your soldier as to skill, appearance and killstreak.


There are five types of soldiers to select from: the General, the Engineer, the Juggernaut, the Mercenary and the Sniper. Each type has its own features and weapons. Your soldier must kill a certain number of enemies for you to advance. The more advanced your soldier is, the more classy his skills and weapons will be. Killing enemies will earn you cash too. You can spend your cash in the Shop. You can also buy weaponries and other tools in the shop. The shop can be found in the Soldiers Menu. There is also a Slot Machine which you can play in the Shop for a certain amount of cash. If you are luckier than lucky, you could win special weapons and Camos in the Slot Machine.

The Challenge Mode of Strike Force Heroes 2 is just like an advance stage of the Campaign Mode. Though, it is a lot harder than the Campaign Missions and has more actions and shootings. It also has fifteen Missions that can be played in three difficulty levels. Challenge yourself if you can survive all your Missions in all difficulty levels. In the Custom Game, you can select your game mode then modify the game depending on your choice. It is a multiplayer mode. At least two players can play the game. There are seven game modes to select from: One Man Army, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game and Team Gun Game.