Earn to Die 4 game

Have you played the Earn To Die game series? If you are a zombie fanatic and you like run-them-over games, this game will surely make you enjoy. You do not need to worry about zombies eating you or infecting you. You simply have to escape them by driving through them. If you visit the fan page, you can play all the games here for free.


In the first Earn to Die game, one when upgrade is missing. In Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel, the Super Wheel had been found. Now you can upgrade to the fullest and reach your goal earlier. Once again enjoy playing the original game with improvements and with complete upgrades. Challenge yourself to reach the safe haven at the least number of days. Your safe haven in this version is the helicopter from a not so distant place.

Like in the previous installments, there are three cars available in Earn To Die 4: the small hatchback, the old good pickup and the cool heavy truck. These are the vehicles you will drive at a time to plow zombies and you will start off with the small hatchback. You should upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance the next day. Your score or the cash you will earn for the day is determined by the number of zombies you have killed and the distance you have reached. Use the cash you have earned in upgrading your vehicle.

However, the upgrades you make in your first vehicles are totally not compatible with the next vehicle. So once you changed vehicle, you will have to upgrade it once again. And each vehicle has a limited capacity even when fully upgraded; it can only reach a certain distance. Only the third vehicle can reach the place where the helicopter is.

Earn To Die 4 Super Wheel is another addicting adventure game you will surely love. You can visit their website to play the game for free. In fact, all the games here can be played for free. And all the games here will definitely entertain you.

Plimpi games for free

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For Christmas 2016, they created a cool original theme:

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