Have fun playing all Red Ball games

The Red Ball game series is one of the most enjoyable adventure games you will find online. It became popular to both adults and kids. The cute little red ball and the colorful graphics had called the attention of many. And to add, the gameplay is just challenging enough, not boring and not too hard to move on.

In Red Ball 1, you will learn how to play the game and be familiar with the controls used. You will learn how to get through the obstacles and solve problems. However, as you level up, you will notice that things are getting a little complicated. There is a need to thinking harder first and try several times before you can go on.


Help the king Red Ball in the second installment. He had lost his crown when a strong wind blew while he was strolling. He was afraid his people will not recognize him as their king so he seeks for your help. In Red Ball 3, Red Ball had found the love of his love, Pink Ball. However, Black Ball saw them and thought it would be better to be him and Pink Ball. He knocked down Red Ball and kidnapped Pink Ball. Help Red Ball save Pink Ball at all cost.

Red Ball 4 came in three parts. Volume 1 showed a red ball was turned into a red square by a bad Black Square. Whether Black Ball and Black Square were one and the same or are two different creatures, you have to help Red Ball save all the captive red balls and stop Black Square from all his evil plans. In Volume 2, Red Ball continues in his adventure to save the imprisoned red balls and even the world from Black Square. Volume 3 is the finale of Red Ball 4. It is also known as Red Ball 6. Red Ball will enter the treacherous factory just to save all the captive red balls and stop Black Square once and for all.

In Red Ball 5, Red Ball has to get to the exit door of each level. He also has to collect all the stars and hidden objects before going in the exit door. Visit www.redball6.com to play all games for free.