duck life 5 free online game

Are you looking for an enjoyable adventure game? Do you like racing games? Invest your free time in playing the Duck Life game series. Train and prepare your duckling for the prestigious duck race.

The story began when a farm, your farm, was destroyed by a strong tornado. The only survivor was a duck egg. When the egg hatched, you thought of training the duckling so it can join duck races for the purpose of using the winnings if ever in rebuilding and re-establishing your farm. You need to train it in the skills of running, swimming and flying before it can join tournaments. And do not forget, it needs to eat as much as you can feed it for energy level up. Buy seeds using the cash you have earned in training and in racing.

In Duck Life 2, after winning in the tournaments, you just cannot get enough. This time, you even trained your duckling in climbing skill in addition to running, flying and swimming. And still let it eat as much as you can feed it. In Duck Life 3, you managed to genetically modify your duck eggs, probably by letting the ducks eat as much as you can feed them with special seeds. However, these genetically modified ducklings were banned to join the race in Duck Life 4 and you were back in the traditional way of training your ducklings.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt did away from these trainings and tournaments. Your duckling has a new kind of adventure, hunting treasures. This time, you are tasked to hunt for the hidden treasures deep inside the dormant volcano’s cave. It was said that after the fire duck had been defeated, the volcano became dormant and rumors have it there are mysterious treasures buried deep within it.


Duck Life 5 differs a lot from its predecessors. Aside from having no racing tournaments and no need of training your duckling, there are now six game shops where you can buy tools, accessories and pets! These shops are the Pet Shop where you can acquire pets which will greatly help you in your adventure; the Witch Ducktor Store, the Mechanic Shop, the JetPack Shop, the Hair Dresser Store and Clothing Store.

Vex 4 Game


If you are a fan of online flash games and also like thrilling games you have definitely heard of Vex Games. And if you haven’t, you can start playing it now starting from Vex to Vex2 3 and Vex 4. Vex 4 is the latest release of the game, and you can play it straight away which includes all the features of previous series and also many more.

In this game you have to be the famous sticky man. Though his name is sticky, he can run fast, swim taking a longer breath and like price of Persia, jump in between walls.  Surprisingly, all of these abilities can be controlled easily mastering only the direct keys like arrows or WASD.

The game has multiple levels, in which there are difference checkpoints. As you go through each level, you will find different traps and obstacles, and eventually they will be faster and difficult to avoid in higher level. In this journey, you have to unlock different achievements and go to the top level with the maximum difficulty.


If you are wondering how much this game will cost, well it is totally free. You can play it online from your browser, even log in is not necessary. You can also challenge your friends and colleagues and see who is the best gamer. This will definitely bring something different in your busy schedule and give you some fun times.

So, start the journey in the online adventure games, being the Sticky man of Vex 4 game. Run, jump and swim to get pass all the obstacles and find the thrill to make the time enjoyable.

Search for the scattered furry animals in Where are my Bunnies

Do you love bunnies? If you do, then you will be very glad to be reading this content because of the fact that it features an entertaining flash game about them. The name of the game is Where are my Bunnies. Obviously, this game is all about bunnies or rabbits. This is created by and has been serving great entertainment for quite some time already. The story in this game is that the farmer who owns many bunnies lost them all in an unprecedented situation.


Your goal is to help the farmer bring back the bunnies which are scattered in the woods and other places near the farm. Your objective is to catch them one by one. There will be helpful stuffs that can be found on the environment that will speed up your search. For example, there will be stuffs that the bunnies truly love and you can use them as bait to bring them back in the farm. You just have to determine on which one is the most effective to gather the bunnies back to where they belong.

Fight crime as hogs or cops In Hambo 2

Hambo is back but this time, he will not be killing cops. This time he and his sidekick are now the ones punishing the mobsters in Hambo 2. Help top hogs, I mean cops, Hambo and Bacon to fight against the gang boss Pig Capone. Use different weapons and utilize the things around to eliminate the bad guys. Get ready for some action-packed, crime fighting adventure.

Hambo 2 (3)

You play as Hambo, the character is not movable, you can just slide on slopes or be pushed by a crate due to an explosion. Unfortunately your sidekick will not be much of a help because he is always taken as a hostage by the enemies, and yes you have to save him in some stages of the game. You can have as much as 9 weapons in a mission, use numbers 1 to 9 to pick on the weapon you want to use. You use the mouse to aim on where you want to fire and click. For items that can be thrown, hold the right button, and release on the right amount of power you want the weapon to be released. Eliminate all the enemies on every stage to proceed to the next level. You also have a limited amount of ammunition per weapon, if you ran out of weapons to fire or throw and there are still enemies then the level is considered fail. Same goes for being hit by a bullet ricochet or throwing a grenade just under your feet. Stages will become tougher and tougher and you need to think outside of the box to eliminate all enemies. There are lots of objects in Hambo 2 that can be used against the enemy, but be careful not to use them against yourself.

After finishing all levels of Hambo 2, you can also try out some of the player-made stages on the User Levels menu. There are 2 lists there, the first one is for the best levels, and the other one is for the newest ones. If you don’t feel like playing others level, then you can create your own in the Editor menu and let your friends and other people try it out. You can play the game on

Have a fit body in Trollface Quest 6

Trollface Quest games are fun point-and-click adventure games. You will be required to solve mini puzzles cleverly. Not to worry, these puzzles would not stress you out. After gaining popularity, the troll is back in the sixth installment of the game series, Trollface Quest 6 Sports. The story began when a boy suddenly kicked the door of the troll’s face while the troll was eating pizza.

trollfaced sports

Then, the boy took the troll’s pizza by force and even kicked the troll. In is dire desire to take his revenge, the troll took his exercises seriously to be in a fit body and be able to kick back the boy who had stolen his pizza. There are ten levels in this quest which needs some witty thinking. Try to solve each level with the minimal clicks possible. You can visit to know more and play the game for free.