Be good at controlling and gliding your board in Skateboard City 2

Skateboard City 2 is the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 2 on it. This game series is created and developed by A10. This is a game about skateboarding as you can easily determine just by looking at its title. Skateboarding is one of the booming activities that teenagers are trying to engage with because of the fact that it is fun and thrilling. But this is a dangerous stuff to do if you are untrained or not familiar with the process of skateboarding.

It is better to play this kind of flash game rather than dealing with the real one if you are afraid or not prepared. Your goal or objective in this sequel is to skateboard your way to the championship. You must first choose your skater and board and do some stunts that are required in each level of this game. Make sure that you are good at controlling and skating your board to succeed.

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Complete all levels in Raze 1

Are you ready for a real-time action packed shooting game? Get ready to survive the dangers and win the game of Raze 1. Read on and learn how to play this game. At the beginning of the game, if it is your first time to play, you will be asked to create your profile. This means your progress will automatically be saved. You can create your username, customize your appearance and select a personality which will determine the type of comments the game will give.

You can play in two modes: The Campaign and the Quick Match, but you have to complete the tutorials to unblock the Quick Match. In the Campaign Mode, there are two categories: the Humans and the Aliens. But you have to finish all ten levels of Human Mode to unlock Alien mode. There are ten achievements too to get, some easy and some extremely hard. Do have what it takes to complete these achievements?


Hit the bullseye in DeadEye game

Do you love to practice target shooting and enhance your shooting skills? Improve those skills more in DeadEye game. You will be shooting the targets with your hand gun. Shoot a fast as you can but also as accurate as possible for higher score. The further your shot, the worse your score will be. Hitting the target bullseye will give you one hundred score.


Use mouse to aim, left click on the target and press the space bar to reload your gun. But keep in mind that you only have limited ammo within the time limit. So, do not waste even a single shot. If you ran out of ammo, either you will level up if you were able to shoot accurately or the game will be over. Said better, high accuracy is your key to leveling up. You can also get a higher score if you can reveal the letters of DEADEYE.

A lot of new things to fond about with Gun Mayhem 3

Are you familiar with shooting games? They are games that enable players to have an adventure while utilizing different shooting weapons which are provided in the game. If you are looking for an entertaining one, this blog is offering one which is called Gun Mayhem 3. This is already the third installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 3 on it. Since this is already the third offering, you can expect for new things that will get you hooked and fascinated about the game.

The mission of the players who want to deal with this game is to defeat opponents by shooting towards them. There are three game modes that you can choose such as Free for All, Team Death Match and Domination. To win in this game, you must utilize the given weapons efficiently and accurately. Try playing this game now and have a blast knocking your opponents down.


Stand Alone in Crash n Smash Derby

Do you like car games? Crash n Smash Derby is an addicting racing game. You do not need to be a good driver at all. You do not need to worry about your speed either. Your main goal is to crash every car in the derby and be the last one standing. Once your car broke, the game is over.

There are power-ups that occasionally appear, try to collect them for your benefit. Some power-ups are double-sizing your car, shield, loot bag, and a lot more. After every level, you will be able to upgrade and repair your car using the cash you have earned. It would be better to repair your car first before upgrading. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your car. Crash n Smash Derby is a fun sports game. You can turn on the car radio and listen to a music of your choice.

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Test your shooting ability in Gunman Shooter 2

Are you a good shooter? Then know how accurate you are in Gunman Shooter 2. It is a short game; there are only three levels to complete. There are a number of targets to kill in each level. You will shoot the stickmen; but you have to shoot them in the head. Your gun is initially loaded with six ammos; just press the spacebar to reload.


Gunman Shooter 2 is an action thrilling game that enhances your eye and hand coordination. You must be fast to aim the mouse pointer to your target and shot the head of the stickmen sticking out from the five boxes shown on the screen. Every shot you make is being counted. After completing all three levels, you will see a summary of the total number of shots you made and the number of kills you had.


Eat the powerful fruit in Go Go Bananas Game

A banana is a nutritious fruit that has many benefits that a person can get. It is a good source of potassium which is essential on the body. It also has vitamin C for immunity. It also gives protein and fiber for good digestion. But do you know that it is also a good theme in a game? Yes, it is. In fact, this article presents one and it is called Go Go Bananas Game. This game is created by AddictingGames and is released in 2011. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First is the enemy that is vicious and multiplies as the levels get tougher and longer. Second is the picture of a monkey that will appear once you are able to clear or finish a level which is quite funny and stress relieving.

Go Go Bananas game (5)

The goal of the player in this particular game is to control the monkey on the screen. Make sure that it will be able to eat the necessary number of bananas so that it can block the Big Monkeys lurking on the screen. Avoid touching them or else, you will die.

Create your squad in Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3 is the third installment from the game series called Strike Force Heroes. Try this at This is a thrilling shooting game with a war style or theme. There are two great things about this game. First are the weapons that are greatto engage with. Second are the background and designs that make you feel like your in a real battle. Last is the tremendous game play that challenge the player to their limits.


The first thing that you will have to do is to create your squad from scratch. You will be given $400 as your first fund which you will have to utilize in creating a powerful team. After that, you can now go on the first mission and so on. There are 50 missions for you to complete. Make sure that you will do your best to kill or eliminate the enemies as quick a possible.

Help Frizzle Fraz protect the little frizzles

Join Frizzle Fraz in saving the little frizzles and bring them to a safe place. To get the little frizzles, Frizzle Fraz needs to jump over them. To control Frizzle Faz, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You need to collect keys, the required numbers of which you will find on the top screen of the screen. Collect all the keys so the door at the other end of the level will open.

frizzle fraz 2

When you see a heart, jump over it to add life or energy to your bar which is on the upper left corner or the screen. You also need to avoid the nasty looking frizzles and the spikes; they will make you lose a life and you will start the level again or half of it. Finish the level to bring the little frizzles to a safe place. Frizzle Fraz is a fun collect and run adventure game.

Extend help again in snail bob 6

Snail Bob 6 Winter Story in another sequel to the popular puzzle game Snail Bob game series. This time, you will help the little snail during the winter season to get through his way without being hurt or killed. Snail Bob is not aware of the dangers in the path he is going through.

Snail Bob 6 (3)

It is your duty to secure him in his journey. Bring him safe to the exit of each level. Do not forget to collect stars as you travel. Some stars are seen right away on the screen, but some are also hidden. Snail Bob 6 Winter Story is a fun adventure game. It seems simple and easy to play, but as you level up, it becomes more challenging. Enjoy twenty five levels of extending help and saving Snail Bob. Add to the challenge the collection of three stars in each level.